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Gas prices are HIGH! Let’s do a VIRTUAL design from our sofas.

What is E-Design? And how can it help?


All of us are suffering from the price at the pump. Especially us designers who drive to each location to create room designs. Then, I realized how I could save some money and offer a great deal to my clients!

E-Design is great for saving money. You set the budget and I stick to it. E-Design saves you money by skipping designer travel fees to and from site and showroom visits. I love to save clients money by finding the best looks for the best price!

E-Design is also perfect for people who have a busy life and want a beautiful home but just don’t have time to meet with a designer for scheduled in-person meetings. E-Design allows you to look at your design plan online and collaborate with me on your schedule, at your pace.

Why choose my e-Design Services over one of the large e-design platforms?

When you choose to work with me, you are getting a personalized experience; very similar to as if we were working together locally. Many of the corporate online design platforms come with restrictions on the companies you can source product from, the time frame for the project can be limited and you often have little control over the designer you are matched with. I specialize in mixing vintage with new, so if you have beloved pieces you’d like to incorporate…that is great! I am here to work for you to design a unique, personalized and beautiful room possible for the best price! How is e-design different from in-person design?

Since we don’t meet in person or at the stores, you do need to be OK with having items delivered to your home and setting things up or hiring a local handyman. All drawings that I provide are for concept only and not to used as construction documents. You will need to use a local general contractor to approve and implement any construction details according to your local building codes.

A few more details worth mentioning: I will do my best to make sure you are a very satisfied customer! After paying for an E-Design Package, you may cancel (send me an email) up to 24 hrs after payment has been received, after that no refunds are given. There is a chance I might share your mood board on my websites or social media, but I will never have any of your personal information linked. As you probably know, there are always risks to ordering items online BUT, I think the reward outweighs the risk because of the thousands of great products and pricing we have available for shopping on the web. I do my best to read reviews and specifications about all products I choose but I ask you to do the same as a double check. Please read all fine print about your product and ordering and return details.

** I assume no responsibility for online orders. If at all possible, I prefer to use sources (just in case you are not happy) where you can return items locally or easily and for little fee. If there are stores in your area with online shops that you want to use, let me know and we can work with their product.

Much Love,

Mary B

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