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Harmonizing the Rugs in Your Home

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Whether trying to coordinate rugs in an open floor plan, an open concept small apartment or in a home with adjoining rooms, it can be tough to do correctly. Rugs are like wallpaper. There’s SO much to choose from!

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Tips for how to coordinate rugs :

Because of the seemingly infinite number of choices, choosing coordinating rugs can quickly become overwhelming (ask me how I know). But – using these tips will go a long way toward helping to create a beautifully pulled together and tasteful interior.

· All of the rugs that you can see from a single spot in your home should complement one another, such as an open living room and dining room.

· Use a similar color palette. Of all the tips I have for you, this is THE most important one.

· Use a dominant color across all of the rugs when mixing patterns. It’s okay to mix different tones and shades of the same color as long as the dominant color remains the same.

· Consider the furniture and other décor that you already own and will be keeping. Don’t forget to ensure that the dominant color works with your furniture and draperies.

· It’s best to keep the texture of the rugs the same. In other words, don’t use a low pile rug in one area with a shag rug in an adjacent area.

· Two rugs in one room can work well next to or near one another. Next to keeping the dominant color the same, the key is to vary the scale of the patterns of each rug. Use one rug with a small, tight pattern with a rug with a medium or large scale pattern. The general rule is for one rug to be visually more dominant and for the other rug(s) to complement it.

· If you choose vibrantly colored rugs, tread carefully with your furnishings and other textiles in the room. You don’t want there to be so much pattern and color that the room looks like a circus

A little more in-depth explanation…

Select a mix of plain, patterned, and geometric rugs with colors that blend.

“Plain” are solid, or woven rugs. “Patterned” are mosaics, florals and vintage or oriental. “Geometric” could be stripes, plaid, cross-weave, or geometric designs.

Rotate these styles throughout the rooms in your home to ensure everything feels cohesive!

I’ve listed a few of my favorite go-to rugs below. You can’t go wrong with choosing multiple rugs from the same color family to use together. Any of them will complement one another. They are all very affordable and some of them are them are even 80% off as of when I wrote this post. I hope you find a rug you like!

Much love,

Mary B


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