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You don't have to share your "messy"

Phone or FaceTime design consultation

I understand. Your home is a personal, intimate, full of your “life” place. It’s a kid-friendly, social, and dare we say “chaotic” environment. Even though I’m ok with however a house may look - you may not want to share your version of “messy” with ANYONE. Maybe you’re not comfortable having a stranger walk around and tell you what needs to go. And that’s ok. It’s your home. You share it how and when you want.

Seriously though, do you still need help getting furniture and decor put in place? Do you still need advice on starting a “style plan” for your home? I don’t have to even come inside. We can easily take a phone call to go over simple questions you may have. Or if you’re comfortable, we can connect via FaceTime to accomplish your goals.

We can chat about paint colors, discuss your existing furniture layout, or even speak about pieces you could add to your room to make it feel complete.

Maybe you purchased artwork but can’t decide where to hang it. Let’s virtually walk around your house to FIND the perfect home. The phone or Face-Time design consultation is suitable for clients from any location!

Before our call, I will spend time at home analyzing your dilemmas using your photos (you’ll send me pictures) to prepare for our meeting. I will have a general plan ready for you! We will address all design dilemmas as I take notes for you in an email format. I will even help you determine what size products that will work best for your home.

Following the call, I will send you the email with notes we discussed, clickable links to products I recommend, plus any tips I think would benefit you and your home!

This package is $199.

This price includes my prep before our call, as well as the follow-up email!

Much Love,

-Mary B

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