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The Story Behind the Name

"Let's Be Frank Designs" has a double-meaning. The word "frank" itself means "honest." Speaking frankly means to share your thoughts freely and honestly. When it comes to decorating advice, I think that it's important to be able to share your professional opinion in just that manner. I mean, let's be frank, everyone needs their decorator to be honest about home décor that is in style and inviting. 


Secondly, my dachshund, Frank, has a lot to do with the name. Frank is the best little dog I've ever owned. He holds a special place in my heart. He is sweet, calm, and loving to everyone he meets.  He has the best demeanor and personality. When I thought of the name, Let's Be Frank...I thought, "Of course! Why wouldn't I want to BE LIKE Frank?"


I want to convey all of his characteristics when doing business as well. Besides being happy with the work I do, I want my clients to say, "Mary is sweet, calm, and loving, has the best personality...and was very honest throughout the entire process."

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