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The 40 Best Interior Design Hacks That Inspire You To Decorate Better

So let’s get down to business so I can give you all the best design hacks that you must do.

But before we do one other thing I want to make a point is this blog post is meant to bring inspiration. Please do not compare yourself to others. I know it’s so hard not to do that sometimes. I get it!! Honestly I do. But like I’ve mentioned before, my goal is to become a better version of myself than I was yesterday. That should be yours too! You are your own person, you have your own design style.

Keep reading to get the best decorating tips for your home:

  • Hang art on that wall that fits into that section of the room. I use gallery wall layouts when hanging smaller pieces on my walls. Take a few steps back and admire the art if it doesn’t look right you can always change it.

  • Change out your shelf decorations regularly with each new season. I always love to change the decor in my living room shelves that way I don’t get sick of it.

  • Hang your curtains a few inches above the top of the window. Doing this makes the window look larger.

  • Use Throw Pillows as much as possible. I use them on my couch, on my entryway bench, on my bed, and on the bench in my bedroom.

  • Use a rug in almost every room. I use rugs in in my kitchen, family room, living room, dining room, and bathrooms. You can never go wrong with them. My favorite rug right now is cowhide rugs.

  • Don’t be afraid to use texture when hanging things on the wall. I used a lot of reclaimed wood signs when decorating and they create a different look that’s a bit rustic and I love that.

  • Group your decorations when decorating a shelf. I always use the rule of three decorations together in a small area.

  • Don’t be afraid to display family photos in your home. I know a lot designers don’t hang a ton of family pictures but I feel like it creates a warm feeling in my home.

  • Shop at thrift shops to get affordable vintage inspired or real antiques.

  • Always look for DIY craft decorations you can make yourself to save money.

  • Use color when decorating. For the longest time my home was all neutral but I have really changed up the design to bring bold bright colors in.

  • Use table lamps as much as you can. It’s always nice to have extra light around the house.

  • Make sure when buying large furniture pieces like a couch, kitchen table, bedroom set that they are pieces you truly love. And that will last a long time.

  • Decorate an accent wall. Accent walls can be done by painting wall, using wallpaper, or using shiplap or pallet wood.

  • Use plants in your home to bring in color. Whether you use real plants or faux you can display them in any room in your home.

  • Get new light fixtures they make a huge difference in a room and can be a statement piece.

  • Use throw blankets on the back of your couch or accent chairs to warm up a space.

  • Decorate trays with small decorations to display in the middle of your countertop or coffee table.

  • Put matching end tables on the sides of your couch.

  • Make sure you have a blanket ladder or a decorative bucket to display blankets.

  • Get a nice coffee table for living room, a lot of people use unique style coffee tables. Examples are trunks, or a chunky wood coffee table.

  • Decorate your kitchen countertops with decorations that are pretty but you can also use such as, a jar filled with k cups, a nice looking bread box to hold your loafs of bread.

  • Use reclaimed wood shelves in your home that are gorgeous to look at but you can use to display small decorations in your living room or dishes in your kitchen.

  • Find bedding that you really love that is soft, cozy, and pretty look look at.

  • Use layers with your bedding.

  • Keep your nightstands clutter free, I keep everything in my nightstand drawer that way my nightstand only has a few small decorations on it along with my lamp.

  • Use small rugs or runners in your hall or entryway.

  • Keep a decorative bin to put your kids toys in that way you don’t have toys everywhere in your living room.

  • Repaint an old furniture piece. Whether you have one laying around the house, out in the garage, or need to stop at your local thrift shop giving an old piece of furniture a new life with a paint job is always a fun project to save money.

  • Take a Saturday morning trip around the neighborhood to do some yard selling. I have found some of my favorite decorations and furniture from yard sales.

  • Make your own furniture if you can’t buy some right now. You can find tutorials on Pinterest or YouTube.

  • Always look for discounts and clearance items in the back when shopping at stores. I’ve saved tons of money by finding items on sale.

  • Change out the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. You wouldn’t believe the huge difference that one small thing makes.

  • Put your utensils in a jar on your counter. It creates a pretty decoration for your kitchen as well as a useful place that is easy access.

  • Find affordable prints to hang in your home. You can print out your own digital prints that are cheap and hang them up in your living room.

  • Use place mats on your dining room table. I bought decorative mats that I keep out all year long.

  • Get a matching appliance set for your kitchen. When we remodeled our kitchen it made such a difference to have a gorgeous matching set.

  • When decorating your bathroom use matching towel sets that makes a huge difference.

  • Always look for a unique shower curtain for your bathroom because it is the centerpiece of a bathroom. I searched for months until I found a fun one that look great in my guest bathroom.

  • Use decorative soap dispensers in your kitchen and bathroom instead just the plastic ones that you get at the store.

I hope you learned a lot of decorating hacks to save money and design tips that you can easily do.

Much love,

Mary B

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