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Heart of a Teacher

Honest moment here. I didn’t go to college to become a decorator. I didn’t major in interior design. I was a teacher. Yep. I taught 11th grade English at a large high school in the Birmingham area. Wow – that was a long time ago. Nevertheless, I followed my passion and turned it into a thriving business. But you know what? I never lost those teacher instincts. I never lost the values… or the techniques… or the drive… or the reward of seeing others learn from watching me and showing them how things work together to create something beautiful.

I do have the “Heart of a Teacher.” That reference was at the core of my mission statement long before I became involved with Dave Ramsey. The key to loving the interior of your home is the ability to make informed decisions about your style and wishes. I take the time to educate you on the trends as well as what is “resalable” and cost efficient. However, you make the decisions on the look you want. As Dave says, it's your job! I simply help you do your job.

Part of the teacher’s creed is to be non-judgmental. “I will give EVERY student the opportunity to achieve success…” I carry that on with my decorating business. I will treat each client with the same respect. It doesn’t matter the budget, or size of the project… I commit to prompt and responsive client service and work with ALL clients regardless of design budget, home size, style, preferences, or background. And most importantly… Your satisfaction is my reward!

- Mary B

Send me an email if you’d like to fill out a simple questionnaire about your design style.

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