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All throughout this week I will be discussing how to be as frugal or lavish as you please while re-decorating your home. Let's be frank... not everyone has $25,000 to spend on new furniture and accessories. I will teach you to use what you have (and maybe a few new pieces to create a beautiful new look. Let's get started.

One of the best ways to decorate your house, that most people over look, is simply using things that you already have. You’d be surprised how many different style combinations you have available right under your nose.

Here are some of my favorite ways to decorate using items you already have.

Borrow from other rooms:

Who says you have to keep all of your furniture in one designated space? Not me! Switch up side tables, chairs or decor from room to room. Getting creative with the furniture and decor you already have is a great way to makeover an old space.

This can be easily done with wall art, pillows and plants!

Move stuff around:

There is a good chance that you haven’t moved your furniture since the day you moved in. And why not? There very well be an arrangement that is going to work way better for you and give you the feeling of a totally new space.

Keep your couch pillows:

Sometimes people like switching out their couch pillows throughout the year or after a few years when they’re ready for a change. Well, I have some awesome news for you, you don’t have to buy new pillows to give your couch an entirely new look!

Just switching out covers on your current pillows saves you a TON of money and allows you more flexibility in your decorating. Plus, you can easily FOLD AND STORE all of your covers, and readily switch up your decor whenever you want!

Here are some of my favorites from Wayfair:

These are a little pricier but beautiful:


Another way to re-decorate using what you have, is to used those items to create small layered vignettes throughout your house.

Style small "portraits of your homes personality" in each room:

This, actually, will create a less cluttered look - instead of having random items scattered throughout with not style or intention.

A bedroom chest of drawers is the perfect small surface to create a layered look, a seasonal vignette, or a collected style that is functional too. In this photo, we have Layer lighting with a lamp and a candle. Stacks of books add texture and height. Then, conceal open storage box in between, to mix heights.

It’s important to consider the scale of the decor elements you use in a vignette. Too many big pieces will not work together and too many small items will look cluttered. I try to gather together 4-6 different types and sizes of elements to group together. For me this usually includes a base element, such a books, a tray or suitcases. A seasonal floral arrangement that can be small, or more prominent lanterns to light in the evenings, and something seasonal like pumpkins for the fall. (Which can't get here soon enough!)

Well, there you have it. A few tips to using the things you have to re-decorate, and they only take a few minutes to do. There is much to come about being frugal in interior decorating. Let me know if you find these tips helpful. Have a wonderful day!

-Mary B

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