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Virtual Design: The distant way to decorate.

While Virtual Interior Design (aka E-design or Online Design) may not be a new concept, the e-design services have been gaining popularity, now more than ever. Before the idea of remote design became popular, I had been virtually designing for folks for fun. It all started when a friend of mine bought a home in Colorado and trusted me to design her new home remotely. Since then, we have added a several virtual clients to our portfolio, and we do everything from consulting, accessorizing, to full-room design.

So what is the difference between Virtual interior Decorating and Full-Service?

A Virtual Decorating package (or E-Design) provides you with the design, shopping links, and design notes to execute the design on your own. If you have time and are willing to do the work on your own, this is a great service for you. This service is DIY-friendly and requires you (or someone else) to assemble furniture, move things in place, and hang artwork and your own window treatments.

Total-TakeOver is our signature in-person service where develop the design and our team executes the entire design. We manage your project from concept all the way through to completion. We place the orders, track the status, receive merchandise, coordinate vendors, oversee deliveries, and style the room to the very last accessory. This is a turn-key service so you can come home and enjoy.

What is the cost of Virtual Interior Decorating?

The virtual decorating packages are based on number of rooms, which can range from $200-$1,000. You're paying for the inspiration; the notes and ideas, the mood board, and the links to directly purchase. Since you manage the purchasing, the total cost of project is up to you. This means that you can buy items as you wish, take advantage of promotions/coupons, or find something similar that fits the criteria.

How long does a virtual decorating project take?

For full-room virtual design projects, the design process is about 3-6 weeks from the Virtual Design Consultation to the delivery of the design package. The completion of the room is based on your time and the availability of merchandise. Once most of the merchandise has arrived at your house, we schedule a final support call to answer questions you may have.

I hope that you found this post helpful! Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook page for more info on virtual design this week. If you would like to learn more about all of our services, please visit here: Services | Let's Be Frank Designs (

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