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What's trending?? What's in stock.

Remember when the talk this time of year used to be about the new on-trend colors, what look was going to dominate Pinterest, or what kitchen lighting style would be a favorite in new construction?

Those were the good old days.

Want to know what’s on-trend today? Whatever is IN STOCK.

Anyone who’s been in a store recently, and not just furniture stores, can see the impact of the global supply challenge written in empty shelves and gap-toothed showroom floors. Good-better-best has been replaced by good enough, better than nothing and the best I could find.

The good news is that demand has remained solid, perhaps not at the levels seen last year around this time, but substantial nonetheless. And home owners, for the most part, appear either willing to wait or willing to buy their second or perhaps even third choice if the goods are available. They just need help finding it.

At least through the end of the year, the hottest lines are likely to be those that are available for delivery and the answer to the question 'What’s on trend?' is most likely to be what’s in stock.

And while there is every reason to believe the situation will improve in the long term, the near future will remain a challenge. However, the BEST NEWS is that my team at Let’s Be Frank Designs is proficient at finding the amazing items, READY TO SHIP!

Whether you’re looking for a new sofa, a new pair of lantern lights to hang above your island, or just a throw blanket for the bed, we can find it for you. We love the hunt for treasures.

There are great websites that give us customer reviews and expected shipping dates on the items that you need to complete a look. Every design board we do comes with links to in-stock and highly rated furniture. It takes a lot of research and a lot of home store stalking, but there are great items available.

Stop believing the lie that nothing is AVAILABLE. We can get you lovable items - in time!

Message me on IG, FB, or email me at:

Much love,

Mary B

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